TBS Discovery Top Plate Design

I’m making the design of my top plate for the Team Blacksheep Discovery a design available for download, free for personal use. Enjoy.


The TBS Discovery Top Plate Cover was designed to allow mounting a large flight controller such as the 3DR Pixhawk, on top of the Discovery top plate PCB. This alows for easier view of the LEDs as well as more room for cables down below. However this puts your flight controller and other electronics at risk in a crash. Therefore, the top plate is ‘sarcificial’ and will hopefully protect your valuable electronics from damage.


This design is copyright 2015 Bill Paul. It is not a open source design. Also included in this design are the copyrighted logos of Team Blacksheep, Immersion RC, and 3D Robotics. I have no connection with these companies, and only include the logos in the design package for convienience of personal usage. For the top plate outline and anything other than the three company logos, these designs are free for personal use.

If you are interested in commercial use of this design, please contact me via email, which can be found on the drawing.

Download Here –> Discovery-Top-RevA


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