Model Aviator’s Fact Sheet

Best way to defend against over-zealous law enforcement is to have the facts in print, so here is a handy fact sheet you can keep in your RC bag.

We’ve been seeing reports on line about RC modelers already getting hassled by ‘the man’. Usually this is the result of a misinformed law enforcement officer trying to run some modelers out of a local park or similar. Some modelers have reported being asked for FAA registration, even though the deadline for requiring it has not come yet. The FAA has gone so far as to publish their own fact sheet for law enforcement. The fact that the deadline for registering is in the future is a fine print footnote, so it is easy to understand why law enforcement may misunderstand.

If confronted, the best thing to do is cooperate. Once you have done that, you can politely offer this handy fact sheet which clearly shows the dates and timeline, and the fact that your national association has advised you not to register yet.

And in case you haven’t figured it out yet, this FAA action does not only effect ‘drones’ or FPV flyers, it effects all model airplanes, gas, electric, helicopters, whether you fly FPV, line of sight, or however.

Download the infographic by clicking the image below.

FAA Infographic-top

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